Our Privacy Policy

Northern State Financial, Inc. Privacy Statement Northern State Financial, Inc. takes your privacy very seriously. We have always focused on maintaining the integrity and security of the personal information that our clients and prospective clients entrust with us. We take pride in our privacy practices. We want to explain to you how your information is protected and how we use it to service your account. Client Information · We never sell information to marketing companies · We never sell our client lists · We never give anyone your email address without your permission Northern State Financial collects and maintains only the information necessary to provide you with the services you’ve requested and to administer your business. We sometimes collect medical information to provide you with a form of insurance or to assist you in the filing of a claim. We do not disclose or share this information except for the following reasons: · Underwriting Insurance · Administering your policy · Assisting you with a claim you’ve filed · You authorize us to release the information Access to Information Employees have access to information. All persons who work with us are educated on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of information. Employees are required to abide by our information handling practices. Protection of Information Whether the information is transmitted orally, written or electronic, we maintain high standards to protect your information. Maintenance of Accurate Information Northern State Financial, Inc. strives to maintain current client records in accordance with all industry and government standards. Procedures are in place to keep information complete and current. Disclosure of the Northern State Financial, Inc. Privacy Policy. We recognize and respect privacy concerns of potential, current and former clients, and we have a strong commitment to safeguarding nonpublic personal information. We are transmitting our policy for information purposes and will update as required by law.